CA Gear® is your one stop shop for all your custom athletic gear needs!

Mission Statement

Custom Apparel Inc. also known as ‘CA Gear®’ is a company that is proudly owned and operated here in the United States and all of our apparel is US made. CA Gear® endeavors to provide the highest quality custom made athletic apparel at the most reasonable price. CA Gear® is manufactured with some of most durable material on the market and its’ moister wicking capabilities provide one of the most comfortable feelings you will ever experience out of high performance clothing.

Company Core Values

  • Dedication
  • Hard Work
  • Team Work
  • Pride
  • Self Confidence
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Quality and Perfection

Quality of Our Process

Our printing process bonds the ink with the fibers of the material which permanently stains the fabric surface; this means our graphic designs will never run, crack, peel or fade, creating a long lasting high quality product. Due to the ink bonding with the fiber of the material you won’t feel the design imprint and it doesn’t weigh down the wearer or make the apparel feel heavier.

CAGear Sizing Charts

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