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Current Advisors

Marieo ‘Jordan’ Foster

Marieo Foster (Agent 23) has more than 24 years of government service in military and law enforcement operations, security and antiterrorism/force protection experience in both government and industry, he has completed operational and management assignments across the United States rising in rank and responsibility from patrol officer, ATF K9 handler, federal agent and Chief of Police.  Marieo is a professional softball player with Miken Sports, a CA sponsored athlete and is the President of Miken’s non-profit initiative “The Heroes Fund”.  You can follow Marieo on the following social media outlets:

Steven Ramirez

 Steven Ramirez

Firefighter Paramedic in Odessa, Texas. He is very active in his community and Fire department, and is also a Paramedic on the Odessa Police department SWAT team. A United States Navy veteran with a strong belief in the support of his brotherhood of Veterans, Active duty members, Firefighters, and Police Officers. He’s played softball for over 20 years at a competitive level and is an esteemed player and community member in the West Texas area.





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